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This Is Why OnePlus Nord Will Be The Phone Worthy Of Your Money



Whenever a smartphone is about to hit the market, the forces of the internet join their hands together and do their best to tell us everything we can possibly understand about the device before the official release. OnePlus Nord is a smartphone that hasnt been kept under the covers by any means.

We know almost everything about the device. We know what is going to be under the hood, we have seen what the phone looks like, Carl Pei has even gone on the WVFRM podcast by MKBHD and talked about the phone, he has shows us the phone and has also shown us what other designs were under consideration for the design.

OnePlus started out with providing excellent phones at a very pocket friendly price tag. The OnePlus line of devices were some of the most value for many devices you could buy. Now, that was before the time when they went and increased the prices with each new generation of devices. One might argue that increasing the prices of the phone was a good and necessary business decision. However, as and when the prices increased, the company began to recieve a whole lot of “it isnt as pocket friendly as it used to be” and is by no means a budget device.

The OnePlus Nord is the company’s return to its roots. The OnePlus Nord will be a budget/pocket friendly device which will pack a punch and give you the flagship feel. The device will house a powerful and capable Snapdragon 765G processor which will be good enough to give you the powerful experience you deserve. The leaks suggest a 6.55-inch OLED display, 6GB RAM, 128GB storage and a 4,300mAH battery capacity.

All of this sounds incredibly promising. You get an OLED display, big battery, and a very capable processor. According to the photos shared by the @oneplus.nord instagram page and @getpied – the device will have a decent camera which will you good results and wont in any way be dissapointing.

There is only question that needs to be answered here. How much will the phone cost? With everything the OnePlus Nord has going on for it, and considering all the marketing done by OnePlus and announcing its return to the roots, it will be incredibly dissapointing to see the device above the $300 price tag.

But, if the device is launched for below $300 – it will be an incredible value for money. Not only will it be pocket friendly, buying the Nord will be the logical thing to do as it will be better than its direct competitors.

The few good choices in this category are the Poco X2, the Realme 6 Pro, the Samsung A31, the Redmi Note 9 etc. While all of these phones are incredibly promising and deliver good results, the OnePlus Nord will be providing more value for your money. You’ll be getting the best skinned version of Android that is OxygenOS and a device capable of delivering flagship like performance at a very decent price tag.


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Harsh Punjabi AKA Technolobe On Making It As A Tech Content Creator




Technolobe Harsh Punjabi

We have a really interesting guest who was kind enough to join us and share his story on how he made it as a Content Creator making tech videos on YouTube. Harsh has over 80k subscribers on YouTube (Technolobe) and does a fine job of producing high quality content and makes videos that help you in one or the other way! Check out the conversation we had below!

1. Who is Harsh in real life?

I am a 23 year old software engineer who aspires to be a successful entrepreneur someday. Apart from this Harsh Punjabi is a very fun person in real life. I love to hang out with friends and have a long chat over chai or coffee.

2. How did you find your interest in Tech?

If I think about it, I’ve always been interested in tech. Thanks to my parents, I always had a lot of
tech stuff in my house and my passion for tech only grow because of this. Technology has and
will always be a very big part of my life.

3. Why did you decide to start Technolobe?

I wanted to start something of my own and the best industry was tech because of my immense
passion. Now at first I tried writing blogs, making websites and all but that wasn’t for me. So one
fine day I decided to give youtube a try. Almost 4 years later, I am glad that I gave this a try. Making videos about tech products is a pretty cool job.

4. You have successfully grown your YouTube channel (Technolobe) to 80k plus subscribers, what was the one thing that gave you a sense of accomplishment in your career?

Being able to help someone make a good tech purchase is the thing that gives me a sense of
accomplishment. After I have suggested a product and then people actually buy it an enjoy it,
that feeling is incredible and makes me feel that I have made it in the tech industry.

5. Do you think it is viable to start a YouTube channel in 2020? (Tech YouTube Channel)

Yeah definitely. As a matter of fact, more people that ever are on the internet right now and makes 100% sense to start a YouTube channel in 2020. If you have a story to tell in a video format, then starting a youtube channel should be the way to go.

6. Do you think an educational qualification is necessary to succeed in life?

Yes. I strongly believe that education plays a big part in your life. A well educated person will always have a lot of career options and paths. Education shapes a person in an excellent way. Also, going to college is an incredible experience. The people you meet, new things you learn, friendships that you make, etc. make it all worth it.

7. What would you say to someone who is just starting out?

Be patient. Patience is the number 1 thing that you need to have. Things are not going to happen overnight. Take you time, do it right and have fun with it.

8. Is there something you would like to say to our readers?

Hope that you guys find my answers helpful in some way. Also, don’t forget to subscribe to my channel for some awesome tech content. Technolobe

9. Is there something you would like to say to Nwsppr?

You guys are doing a great job. More power to you.


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Windows Apps Coming to Chrome OS – Is It Enough?



Windows Chrome OS

Google has partnered with Parallels to bring windows apps to Chrome OS. Later this year, retailers will be able to bundle Parallels Desktop with Chromebook Enterprise devices. At first, Parallels Desktop will boot a full copy of Windows, running side by side. Later, Chrome OS will redirect certain windows files directly over to Parallels.

This means your Chromebooks will be able to run some windows apps natively, making the experience seamless. Chromebooks were first announced in 2011 and their selling point was a lightweight operating system, Chrome OS. It is a minimalist operating system based on android applications with support for the desktop version Chrome browser.

People have a hard time choosing a Chromebook over another laptop because of Chrome OS’ inability to run windows applications. The OS has always prioritized security, one of the key reasons Google won’t allow dual boot. Dual boot options compromise the verified boot process of Chrome OS.

Up until now, Google was working with Parallels and streaming windows applications over a cloud service. This move allowed Google to lure US schools to mainstream Chromebooks, and now they are looking to expand. Google is targeting businesses that rely on certain windows applications.

In order to utilize Parallels desktop, user will need a comparatively high spec Chromebook. Though, they are still considerably cheaper and more portable than their windows counterparts. This service will not come for free though. After all, Parallels will be required to use Windows license to run the apps. Google and Parallels haven’t commented on the subscription price and the release date yet.

On the other hand, Microsoft is working on Windows 10X, a Chrome OS competitor scheduled to release in 2021. While Microsoft is trying to simplify windows, Google is leveraging users with its security benefits. Chrome OS offers a desktop-class browser experience, android application ecosystem and now ability to run windows applications.

Any user who spends most of their time using a browser, or generic applications should consider buying a Chromebook. Most generic apps like a media player, have similar android counterparts with no function compromises. The apps not available on android will be accessible offline using Parallels desktop very soon. Chromebooks can be a better option for you because they are cheaper, lighter and Chrome OS is comparatively a much simpler operating system.


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The World’s Smallest Phone “Launch” – Google Pixel 4a



Google Pixel 4a

Earlier this week, Thursday, Google released a puzzle which teased the date 3rd August and the phrase, ” The Google Just What You’ve Been Waiting For Phone”. Everyone immediately thought about the Google Pixel 4a, the next budget smartphone to look out for.

The Launch “Event”

The Pixel 4a had been heavily leaked throughout the year. The design, renders, specifications and even the price was already out there. Incontestably, everyone was wondering how Google would reveal a phone that we know everything about already. They went for the smallest phone launch, i.e. no reveal event.

Google shipped special reviewers kit to select people, which is the weirdest smartphone related unboxing one could imagine. Immediately, Google presents you with a DIY cardboard stand for the Pixel 4a. The box also has weirdly named eatables like the mini mouthful, the bittersweet treat and a non-alcoholic drink, “The No-Groni Aperitif”. Then there is the retail smartphone box, one of the smallest we have ever seen.

Pixel 4a – First Impressions

Last year, the Google Pixel 3a was an immediate hit in the market because there was almost no competition. This time around, the Pixel 4a has to beat the likes of OnePlus Nord and the iPhone SE. The Pixel 4a is the first pixel device that keeps up with the present smartphone designs, and it is exciting.

Similar to last year, the Pixel 4a is minimalistic smartphone. Plastic body, a single camera that beats almost every flagship primary camera and the cleanest android experience for just $349. Unfortunately, Google is not offering any customization whatsoever. There is only one size, one specification and only one color, Just Black.

Thanks to the updated design, the Pixel 4a has a 5.81″ 1080p 60Hz OLED in a smaller form factor than last year. It has the snapdragon 730G, 6GB RAM, 128GB storage, 3140 mAh battery, the same 12.2MP camera and a headphone jack.

Google has never really paid much attention to camera hardware, yet has the best images, thanks to its computational photography. Even though the rear camera is one of the best, at first glance, it leaves you wanting for more. Every smartphone offers more than one camera perspective, at least an ultra-wide sensor alongside the primary wide-angle lens.

The pictures taken from the Pixel 4a have even less noise in them, improved details and handles color even better. Nightsight and astrophotography has also improved. The smartphone leaves you thinking, like every year that what could Google do with flagship camera sensors and their computational photography combined.

The Pixel 4a comes with the pixel exclusive software features as well, like live captions, now playing and call screening. The phone also ships with 3 month access to YouTube Premium, 100GB drive storage and Play Pass, a subscription service similar to Apple Arcade. Google has also confirmed the existence of Pixel 4a 5G for $499 and the upcoming Pixel 5.


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