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The Story Behind Popp’s Trophies Being The #1 Laser Engraver In New York!



Popp’s Trophies and Personalized Gifts has been serving the Hudson Valley since 1987. This business has so much history from being an archery shop, motorcycle store, to awards & trophies. Now as we enter 2020 we have expanded into way more than just trophies!  We now offer laser engraving and hand sand carving. Providing the best quality and customer service in the award and personalization industry. We offer a multitude of recognition needs from corporate, educational, sports, and custom awards and trophies. We cater to the needs of our customers by creating unique and personalized gifts that help you keep memories alive for a lifetime for your loved ones, your business, and any occasion you can think of. If you can think it, we can make it!

In October of 2014, Popp’s Trophies moved to Walden NY under new ownership, the beginning of a new chapter in our history. Popp’s Trophies now located on 158 West Main Street in Walden NY is owned by the young and driven entrepreneur Todd DeGroat. One of Todd’s passions is sports, playing them, watching them, and creating awards for them which is why Popp’s Trophies was the perfect fit for him. Although Todd still plays sports seasonally his passion has switched over to the art of engraving and sand carving. 

Why did we get into laser engraving? “Laser engraving is a service that has grown our business drastically! Let’s put things into perspective. How many times have you won an award or a medal and forgotten about it after a couple of months, and then they sit in a box in the garage until they meet their fate. With Laser engraving, we are able to take awards to the next level. Popp’s Trophies can now engrave on ANYTHING which means we can make functional awards like commemorative cups, crystal awards, glassware, key chains, promotional products, and the list goes on.

By doing this we are able to help people brand their businesses like our personalized wooden spoons or cutting boards for housewarming gifts from realtors. From personalized coffee cups to gifts & promotional products to new clients and employees because who doesn’t love recognition?! We can also take a more modern approach on awards like being able to engrave directly on wood, and add company logos to the engraving as well making the award or gift even more special. 

So now that we have covered the awards, let’s talk about personalized gifts. We all know that person who has everything making it so difficult to give them anything. Our personalized gifts are perfect for any occasion, whether you want to put an inside joke, nickname, or monogram on any item we have you covered. But it doesn’t stop at the holiday season or birthdays, our personalized gifts are perfect for corporate branding! 

A very big part of our business is helping people have all their decor and souvenir needs for their weddings and other events. With our new sand carving machine, Todd is able to take glassware to the next level. From wine glasses, champagne flutes, beer steins, to shot glasses we can help no matter how big or small your event is. 

As a thank you to our clients and our community, Popp’s Trophies has hosted a multitude of fundraisers and has made donations to several causes in our community. To name a few: The Humane Society of Walden, St. Baldrick’s Foundation, National Night Out, PTA, Sports Teams, Make-a-Wish Foundation, Brock Haney & Ethan Beck Memorial Paddle Run, and Hyde Park Youth Soccer to name a few. 

Our mission at Popp’s Trophies is to provide our clients and our community with the highest quality engraving and personalization, while still being human and listening to our client’s needs. We are happy and proud to continue to serve the Hudson Valley and grow with such an amazing community.

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SWATTREX Talks About Making It As A Music Artist





SWATTREX is an up and coming artist with a passion for creating music and becoming successful as an artist. He sat down with us to have a quick chat and share what it was like for him! Check it out!

1. Who Is SWATTREX In Real Life?

In real life, I am just a normal guy who makes music in his bedroom studio. also, a BTech graduate, working on different multiple projects, also working with different artists for music collaboration. In my free time, I work on enhancing my skills in music production, watch tutorials on youtube, recently launched a new record Label ” F High Music ” with Ayush Sabat as an Indian premier label focusing on Hip-hop, trap, pop music, curating underground talented artist from around the globe.

2. Why did you decide to start music?

It’s really not a decision. From the time of higher studies, EDM and music festivals fascinated me so much, that created so much interest in making music like I started learning music from youtube during my graduation. Learned full music production, sound designing from youtube. and started creating music in my bedroom with just using a laptop and earphones. That’s how this all started. 

3. What problems did you face in your career?

There were many different things that you will face when you start something different that society doesn’t normally do. So, sometimes my inner insecurities rise again and again that I will not be able to make it. Many thoughts like I should leave it. But at the same time, I got friends, family, and my people who always support me so much. I really want to say thank you so much to everyone who has supported me from the beginning. 

4. What was that one moment in your career that gave you a sense of accomplishment?

When I performed my first college festival show. That was the first time I felt like I can do this. This is what I really want to do my whole life. That was one of the best moments of my life. 

5. What would you say to someone who is just starting out?

SWATTREX – I just wanna say do what you want and give your 200% in that work. If you are perfect in your domain then no one can stop you and success will automatically come to you. 

6. What is your creative process like for making music?

I always start with making the main melody of a song, then chords and creating the structure of the song in FL studio because a melody shows the main feeling, vibe of the song which can only be perfectly created when you put your soul and full focus in making that. 

7. Is there something you would like to say to our readers?

SWATTREX – I just want to say thank you so much for giving me your precious time to read this and listening to my music. You guys really mean a lot to me and every artist you support  <3

8. Is there something you would like to say to Nwsppr?

I just want to say thank so much to nwsppr team for connecting for this amazing interview and being so humble, you guys are amazing and hardworking. Just keep going like this with amazing work. You guys are awesome <3.

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Ivy Sanchez Talks About Starting SANZNYC




Ivy Sanchez SANZNYC

Ivy Sanchez took the time out to talk about how she started her own clothing line – SANZNYC and shares her experience in the reselling, digital media space!

1. Who is Ivy Sanchez in real life?

I’m the owner of SANZ. NYC a clothing line and of IVY MEDIA a digital marketing agency that helps both new and established businesses get started on social media. I was born in the Dominican Republic and moved to the United States at the age of 7. I’m currently 25 years old used to live in New York and now living in New Jersey. I’m a digital creator and entrepreneur who absolutely loves to try new things. The closest people to me would describe me as shy but also outgoing, funny, sweet. I love to meet new friends and knowing their interests, you can find so much knowledge in a simple conversation with someone. One of the main things about me is that I’m always working 24/7! I literally never stop. No matter where I am, my laptop goes with me. My ideal vacation is a nice view, a relaxing environment, no interruptions on my work – and of course, SHOPPING. I’m also very organized. You won’t find me without a to-do list, that’s my best friend right there. I’m an Aquarius and very proud of it, I fit the zodiac sign’s description of loving to innovate and being a quick thinker. Super artistic, I’ll probably beat you at a game of music trivia. A hidden talent of mine is that I can tell what song is playing from 5 seconds of hearing it, more often than not haha. I’m also a really chill person and would rather have a more laid back approach to most things while being completely passionate and hardworking towards what matters. 

2. Why did you decide to start sanznyc?

I wanted to start a clothing line since I was 17 years old when I had found a brand named Friend n Foe. They’re a clothing brand originally from London and I completely fell in love with their simplistic designs. I’m in love with minimalistic design and that’s what I try to show in my clothing and my personal style. I like to make designs that look pleasing to the eye. At that age, I was learning a lot about photoshop and design and I thought, man I could definitely do this. I ran up the numbers on potential profits and that convinced me. I started off originally with a brand named AIRPLANE//MODE NYC that became very popular within the eSports community. I wanted something a little more simple and a brand that had the potential to be larger – a company that would change as I changed and one night I came up with the name SANZ. NYC which is a play on my last name and I ran with it.

Ivy Sanchez SANZNYC

3. What problems did you face when you were creating your clothing line?

One of the usual problems that I’ve always faced when creating a clothing line is deciding the launching process. I had such a hard time the first time around, deciding when, how, the amount of drops I would do, etc., with SANZ. I decided to release the stress of the process and just go all out without overthinking. It ended up being a complete success. Again, I’m very organized so I designed a few pieces, around 3 logo designs overall, and threw them out as my first collection. Another problem was the marketing, with my first brand I did not understand how I was going to get the word out. I watched a bunch of Gary Vaynerchuk videos and my mind opened up to many possibilities that worked quite well for me.

4. What advice would you give to someone who wants to start their clothing line?

Start it off as a side hustle, DON’T STRESS IT. It’s supposed to be fun! You can start with as much as $500 only, go below that price even. Write out all costs and gains, and the difference of that as your profit. I would say make a few designs, I recommend the website Show them to your friends on Instagram, run a poll, see what they like better! The most important advice would be to make sure they understand that marketing is a big part of it, write out all the ways in which you can market the brand, it will look different for a lot of people. One of the things that worked for me was building up my Instagram following first, connecting with my audience, and building myself up as a brand before I threw out any projects. Now any project that I do, I know that I’ve got a pretty good handful of people backing me up and supporting me. You get to make new friends, connections that can help you in the future. Bring value to your audience and the best way to do that is to always connect, seek their opinions, and give them what they need.

5. You have had experience in the reselling business & the digital media space, what would you say are a few qualities one needs to have to succeed in that niche?

I think a lot of what has to do with business and working with customers has to be, knowing your reason ‘why’ you’re doing it. I hate it when people say that but your ‘why’ has to be what motivates you and it can always change over time. You have to be motivated. When it comes to dealing with customers, remember that you’re there to bring them value – it will make you feel confident in your business when you realize that you’re helping others and you’re important to them.

6. Is there something you’d like to say to our readers?

Ivy Sanchez- There are obstacles that might happen in any work you do and setbacks, and sometimes it can be enough to stop you in your tracks. Try to be patient when that happens, take a step back and continue on a little more. “Don’t do nothing unless your heart’s in it.” I never do anything unless I’m excited to try it out and see what comes of it. But also, don’t be afraid to change your mind. There’s strength in knowing when to quit and knowing when something doesn’t feel right to you. My best strategy for finding out what I love was writing out all projects that I’ve always wanted to try and trying each one out fully for 6 months. I also love the idea of 80% of the results coming from 20% of the work. I only keep the projects that I’m happy with and that gives me the most results in terms of profit. You want to work SMART and HARD at what gives you a great return on investment. Keep it pushing and always find time to enjoy life and be thankful. It works wonders for your success. 

7. Is there something you’d like to say to Nwsppr

Ivy Sanchez- Thank you so much for having me. I am insanely flattered with your consideration. The website and the concept is perfect and absolutely filled with so many talented people and tons of great advice to learn from. This is gonna be amazing! Wishing you all the best and let’s keep in contact.



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Dustin Lee Talks About Working With Gary Vaynerchuk




dustin lee

Dustin Lee is a videographer and content creator working for GaryVee and Team GaryVee. He has worked on various social projects and created the Instagram account @costanzagrams. He has also been the subject of admiration from countless GaryVee fans including me! He was kind enough to take some time out and do this interview!

1. Who is Dustin Lee in real life?

I’m a 35-year-old BMX enthusiast, Muay Thai enthusiast, car enthusiast, and huge Seinfeld fan.

2. How did your job at VaynerMedia?

I applied like a regular Joe Schmo, got rejected, then luckily got a callback 6 months after I applied asking if I was still interested.  My only leverage was that I built a fairly large Instagram account show casing that I understood Instagram (@costanzagrams)

3. What has your experience been like working for Gary Vaynerchuk?

Everyday is something new, we’re always adapting, speed speed speed, and learning new things that I didn’t go to school for.

4. What are your views on the current outlook of trading cards?

It’s very interesting and fluctuates all the time.  Its really like an unregulated stock market

5. You’ve been biking for a while, what is something that biking taught you?

 I learned a lot of the tricks I do are very mentally challenging and really “in my head”.  And also learned to work smarter, not winging it.

6. Is there something you’d like to say to our readers?

Work hard, but do your best to be patient.  I understand it’s easier said than done. But it’s the only practical advice that can actually lead somewhere. Have faith and keep going.


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